There are five ability groups within the club.  This is to ensure numbers at each session are controlled and members were receiving adequate amounts of slope time, but also to recognise the different needs of the younger racers from the expert racers.  


The ability groups, or squads, are:

Foundation and Development  - for the newer and youngest racers


Junior Improver & Junior Performance - for the confident U12 and below racers looking to improve their skills 


Improvers and Performance - for the more experienced U12 racers and all U14 and above racers.


Training is split into 3 sessions - members train in groups and can attend either the midweek or weekend session or both.

Times & Prices

Foundation and Development Groups

Train 5.30-6.30pm on Wednesday evening & 5.00-5.45pm on a Saturday evening.


Session Prices:

Wednesday £15 (£7.50 for lift pass holders),

Saturday £14 (£7 for lift pass holders)


Junior Improvers and Junior Performance Groups

Train 6.30-7.30pm on Wednesday & 5.45-6.45pm on a Saturday evening.


Session Prices

Wednesday: £15.50 (£7.75 for lift pass holders)

Saturday: £15 (£7.50 for lift pass holders)

Improvers and Performance Groups

Train 7.30-9pm on a Wednesday & 6.45-8.00pm on Saturdays. 


Session Prices: 

Wednesday: £16 (£8 for lift pass holders)

Saturday: £15.50 (£7.75 for lift pass holders)

Starting Out

All new or potential members under the age of 12, start in our Foundation & Development Group.  This provides the new member some time to adjust from an instruction led environment to a race team coaching ethos.


Whilst many of our new members are very good skiers either on snow or on plastic, race gates, drills and short swings turns are often a new experience!


Any older new starters or adults, join our Improver group.


The Club offer the first training session free of charge and then 3 further sessions at session price only before we ask you to join the Club.


Hire kit including helmets, boots and ski are available to be hire through the Snowtrax Centre for £4.25 per session.


Please wear:

- A long sleeved top

- Long trousers

- Gloves 


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