Race Day Guidance

  • On race day if you are new to racing then here is a little bit of guidance as to what happens etc
  • You will need to register on the SkiResults website (https://skiresults.co.uk/ ) for each race approx a week before the relevant race. You can pay and register on line.  Select the appropriate race from the list of upcoming events.
  • See Race Age Groups at end of Guidelines. There is no minimum or maximum in any age group but make sure you register in plenty of time on the website – race entries are normally required by the Wednesday before a race.
  • The races will normally start at approx 9.00am. You will need to be at the relevant race venue by approx 8.00am – 8.30 so you can get a parking space and also so that the racers can have a practise through the course.
  • If you or your child is unsure of the race course then we do what we call bunny runs. This is where the racer follows a more experienced racer through the poles in the practise session so that they can memorise the course.
  • Each racer will be given a bib and these are given out in age order. Over the microphone you will be called up in groups of approx 20 racers at a time to avoid congestion at the top of the slopes. You will get three timed runs through the actual course and your best time will be taken from your three runs.
  • The best time is then put into the race computer and this is where it is decided who you will race in the head to head races (dual slalom). It is done all on time so an 8 year old can be racing against a 40 year old and so on. This leads to some great races and it’s a great spectacle to watch.
  • Race etiquette should be observed at all times – shake hands with opponents following races and do not display any visible signs of disappointment if you have a poor run or are disappointed with the race decision (throwing of poles etc). Racers are also required to depart the slopes promptly, in order that the next timed run or race may commence.
  • At the end of the meeting there are also team races, . The top 4 racers from each club are put into the club’s race team. There are two teams, an Under 11′s and an over 11′s. These teams will then race in a knockout format against the other A teams from clubs across the region. When these races have been completed, ALL racers, including those who were selected for the A teams, are put into the race computer and placed in scratch teams. This ensures that everyone gets to race in the team events ie there may be a member from Southampton, Aldershot, Chatham, Bromley & Snowtrax all in one team. This format is based on the Tri-region event held later on in the season.
  • If you are unsure of anything on race day or beforehand then please just ask one of the more senior members of the race club and who will be pleased to help.


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